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Best Online Degree Programs

The best online degree programs supply professional students with the right skills, knowledge and degree recognition to proceed to the next phase of their careers. For graduate students enrolled in a Master’s level program, pursuit of a doctoral education may follow. The best online degree programs now provide the foundations for admission to a Doctorate, PhD or Post-doctoral education.


Why is it Best to Receive Your Degree Online?

online_degree_imgThe economic benefits of a college education now promote undergraduate and graduate level students back to school. Professionals with a busy work schedule will find that the best online degree programs are actually more affordable and accommodating than onsite programs.

The popularity of distance learning means that traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ institutions are entering the market. The result is that students have more options in online learning than before. The expansion of disciplinary offerings is also increasing in response to student demand.

Economic indicators show that students with a bachelor’s degree earn up to 84% more in income over a lifetime than those with a high school diploma. During time of economic pressure, the unemployment rate for workers with a college education is more than double the rate than for those without a four-year degree. Competitive advantage is even more stratified once a candidate has a graduate education.



Brandon Brown


The Bachlor Degree I found with E-Degrees changed my entire life. I can’t believe it’s a free service.

Latasha Williams

Legit Programs Single Moms

Soo happy. I received my Bachelor’s in Business Online. Being a single Mom makes it tough and without the online option it wouldn’t have been possible.

Jay Labelle


The whole process took 10 minutes and I found out about financial aid and grants that I may be eligible for. Awesome service!